Are you looking for a Crane Lake Fishing Trip?

off-shore-fishingCrane Lake Fishing
Join us at Voyagaire for some of the best fishing in the Midwest. Walleye, northern pike, bass, muskie or panfish - any of these could be your catch of the day. Improved fish management policies have provided impressive catches in recent years. Spring is one of the best times to fish the lakes of Voyageurs National Park, and our years of experience have taught us where the hot spots are.

Hot Fishing Spots
In the spring the walleye will be in areas with current - where the Vermilion River comes into Crane Lake, Crane Lake Narrows, the Vermilion Gorge, Namakan Narrows, Harrison Narrows and Voyageurs Narrows for a start.

As the water warms late June to late August the walleye will move out to deeper water. You will then want to fish off the reefs. There is plenty of structure in all the lakes. Namakan being the largest lakes is a good choice. A detailed water depth map of Namakan is provided with the houseboat.

sunset1Some people like to troll in Sandpoint using deep diving rapalas; some guides have been known to use out riggers like on the Great Lakes. This method can produce some trophy fish.

Crane Lake, Grassy Bay and Brown's Bay all produce walleye. A map can be marked for fishing spots when you arrive, to give you the most current information on fishing.

Northern abound in Crane Lake's weedy Northwest Bay, Hammer Bay on Namakan and Swanson Bay in Sandpoint to name a few places.

Crappies can be caught in Crane Lake, Grassy Bay and Namakan.

Mukooda Lake is a portage lake. Find it on our interactive map just north of Crane Lake. We store a fishing boat there that is available for rent. In an effort to keep all interior lakes of Voyageurs National Park as pure as possible, only artificial bait can be used at Mukooda. This lake has sunfish, blue gills, lake trout, large and small mouth bass. It is a fun lake to take the kids to. This is a deep and very clear lake which makes it great for snorkeling. Houseboats can be parked south of the dock and it is a short ride and fun hike over to Mukooda Lake.

Area Lake Information
Crane Lake - 3,088 Acres
Sandpoint Lake - 8,869 Acres
Namakan - 25,130 Acres
Kabetogama - 25,760 acres

Tackle Tips
The traditional guides and many locals will just fish with a jig and minnow. We find bright colored jigs work the best. Rapalas and similar lures work well in the gold colors.
Lindy rigs and spinner baits with bright tails are popular for walleye and small mouth bass.
Small mouth bass also like meps, beetle spins, husky jerks in the smaller sizes
Of course, spoons are good for the Northern and the occasional Muskie