Crane Lake Minnesota

fishing2Crane Lake is a 3,088 acre, 80 foot deep lake located 28 miles northeast of Orr, MN. The lakes northern shore forms part of the boundary to Voyageurs National Park. Crane Lake is an entry point into the Park as well as U.S. Customs port for seaplane traffic.

Many different fish species are present with anglers primarily seeking walleye, sauger, black crappie and smallmouth bass. An experimental walleye regulation (only walleyes from 13 to 17 inches and over 23 inches are legal for harvest) is in effect for Crane Lake as well as other lakes of the Namakan Reservoir. Walleye numbers (12.8 per net) in the 1999 investigation were above the long term mean for Crane Lake. Average length was 12.7 fishing1inches with a few individuals larger than 23 inches. Only 20% of the 1999 sample were legal to harvest. Sauger numbers remained low (1.3 per net) and were slightly under the long term mean. The typical sauger measured 11.2 inches. Black crappie numbers were low although similar to the long term mean. Average length was 10.2 inches. Smallmouth bass were caught at rates similar to previous studies and had an average length of 10.7 inches. Northern pike numbers also were comparable to the long term mean. Average length was 25.3 inches with a range from 18.2 to 39.2 inches. Walleye from Crane LakeYellow perch and tullibee numbers were above the long term means. Average lengths were 7.0 and 10.6 inches respectively. Other species anglers might encounter include: white sucker, lake whitefish, bluegill, black bullhead, redhorse, and silver lamprey.