Suggested Items to Bring

Summer Jacket
Fishing Poles
CD's (CD Player Included)

Extra Camera Batteries
Rain Coat
Tackle Box
Landing Net

Minnow Bucket
Dish & Bath Soap

Bug Spray
Fillet Knife
Clothesline Rope

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Camp saw or hatchet (Chainsaws are not allowed in the National Park)

Towels and linens or sleeping bags if not purchasing the linen package.

Cards and games for the evenings or for rainy days.

houseboat11It is fun to bring plant, bird, star and wildlife identification books. We have a wide variety of wildlife and plants in the area you may not have at home. The stars are quite bright at night as there are not any lights in the Park making it easy to find various planets and constellations.

Salt, pepper, spices and all food items if not purchasing the food package.

Foil and/or saran wrap, paper plates, plastic glasses and paper towels make fewer dishes to wash.

Towels, toys and chairs for the beach. Rafts, beach balls, sand toys and any type of outside game are great. The deck chairs supplied are the stacking plastic type; some people prefer the lounging ones for the beach.

DVDs if renting a Sunseeker or a Voyagaire (there is no TV reception in this area).

houseboat04If your boat has a generator, you may want to bring a battery charger for your camera or cell phone. Cell phones will work in some areas. CPAP machines are also becoming more common. If you require one while on your houseboat, please call us for more details on battery packs we have available for rent.

Radios such as XM and Sirius are fun to bring. However, they put a heavy burden on your houseboat batteries and will require you to give additional time to the charging system on board.

Current vaccination records if bringing your pet into Canada.

Guaranteed check or credit card with $2500.00 available open credit if not purchasing damage protection.

Fishing boat and motor - if not renting one.

Your Minnesota state fishing license. We do not sell them here, so pick yours up on your way, or we can direct you to a place very nearby that does sell licenses.

First Aid Kit

Suggested Items to Bring PDF