Hotel and Houseboat Policies for COVID-19

Here is a list of some of the guidelines we will be implementing this summer to protect our guests and our staff.  Call us if you have any questions!

Docks and Housekeeping

Ramping up the frequency and depth of cleaning public areas
Blankets will be washed after each group
Rooms and Houseboats will be sprayed with disinfectant after each group using a fogging machine 
Limiting guest interactions on the docks, by making our loading/unloading procedures optional (instead of routine)
Fewer dock boys assigned to each group of houseboat guests
Having hand sanitizer always available, not sharing cups or pens
Providing masks and disposable gloves to staff
Paying closer attention to cleaning things like steering wheels on boats, doorknobs and hand railings, clothes hangers in the rooms
Removing unnecessary porous items from the rooms and houseboats (like throw pillows and rugs)
Suggesting to guests to consider bringing their own bed pillows
Letting rooms/houseboats sit empty 24 hours if possible, before cleaning them

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