Crappie Fishing Voyageurs National Park | Crane Lake, MN

Crappie Fishing - Voyageurs National Park

Minnesota and especially Voyageurs National Park is one of the best Crappie fishing destinations in the country.

Best Lakes to Fish Crappies

  • Namakan Lake
  • Sand Point Lake
  • Crane Lake
  • Kabetogama Lake
  • Rainy Lake

Best time to catch Crappies:

Hours near sunrise and sunset are often to the best time to fish for Crappies. They like to feed in low light so night fishing can be very successful. During colder winter months the warmest part of the day can be best.

The best time of years to catch Crappies is during the spawning season, February to May.

How to Fish Crappies:

Crappies can be found in deep structure along weedlines, humps, and points. Popular Crappie fishing techniques include casting a small job and jigtail, bobber and a minnow, or small hard plastic lures.


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