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Voyagaire Boat Rentals

Venture out by motorboat, canoe, or kayak to discover mysterious inlets, hidden coves, and the perfect fishing hole.

There’s so much to see on the water in and around Voyageur’s National Park. You may bring your own boat or rent one of the boats described below to accompany you on your houseboat. Each houseboat charter must have a motorized boat to tow behind their houseboat; this is a Coast Guard regulation. However, houseboats can safely tow large boats or multiple vessels, and Voyageurs National Park has no motor restrictions.

We require a credit card authorization of $1,500 when renting fishing boats unless you are also renting a houseboat. In addition, we now offer damage protection for fishing boats: $10 to $20 a day, depending on the watercraft. Upon arrival and departure, a member of our staff will go over the condition of the boat and prop with you.

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Boat Rentals

$100 Deposit on boats larger than 16 feet
Damage Protection: 16 & 17 Foot Boats $10 | 19 Foot Boats and up $20

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