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4th of July in Crane Lake, MN

Are you ready to change up your Fourth of July plans?!

The 4th of July in Crane Lake will become an annual tradition.

July is a fabulous time to visit Crane Lake, as conditions are suitable for boating, fishing, swimming, or whatever you’re into. Here in Crane, we are proud to celebrate the birth of our country, and we go all out! You can feel the buzz in the air as Independence Day approaches. 

On the 4th, there is a boat parade that anyone can be a part of, or you can watch from your vessel or onshore. The best viewing is from the deck at Voyagaire! The creativity that motors through is truly amazing! Next is the street parade. Find a spot early because people come out of the woodwork to see this parade. All through town, the streets are lined with some of the best patriots. What makes this parade even better is that you get to see it twice (if you want to, that is). The lineup begins at Voyagaire and makes its way to the edge of town. Then, everyone turns around and filters back through Crane Lake to arrive at their home or business. The night concludes with a magnificent firework display! These mortars are launched from a barge on Crane Lake, so the cascade is easy to see all along the shoreline, but where do you think the front row seat is located? You guessed it! At Voyagaire Lodge! 

Does anyone in your family despise the loud BOOMS? Many pet owners don’t like leaving their dogs home over the 4th because of the anxiety created by all the firecrackers. Bring the pup and sit back and relax with the best view in the house! Some guests book suites 13 & 14 on the 4th just to watch this incredible firework show from their room. If you have someone sensitive to loud noises: young kids, furry friends, etc., ease the tensions and watch the show together inside! 

The fourth of July in Crane Lake is enjoyable because all the community activities occur in the evening. Last year the boat parade kicked off at 4 pm, the street parade followed at 6 pm, and like anywhere, the firework display began after sunset. That gives you and your loved ones all day to enjoy the lakes, some sun, great food, and each other. Then partake in more memory-making festivities throughout the evening! Let freedom ring!!

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