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Northern Lights in Voyageur’s National Park

Is catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights on your bucket list?
Voyageur’s National Park is in the Top 5 National Parks to see the Northern lights. According to, it was #3 on their list. The most probable time to see the Aurora Borealis in Voyageur country is November-April.  

Yet, some houseboat guests spot them throughout the summer!
This video is a must-watch! The Pattiz brothers, co-founders of More Than Just Parks, filmed this 3-minute snapshot of the Northern lights over several weeks here in VNP.
VOYAGEURS National Park 8K (Visually Stunning 3min Tour) – YouTube
Their work is breathtaking and just goes to show you that
Crane Lake & Voyageur National Park is a destination that you have to see to believe!

Even if you don’t catch the dancing light show your first time to the park, you’ll never forget the skyscape with all the stars and our galaxy, the Milky way, shining brighter than you’ve ever seen! 

Learn more about Voyageur’s National Park and how it was awarded a Dark Sky certification.

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