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Crane Lake Challenge Results

March 7, 2020 was a warm, warm day in Crane Lake, with temperatures reaching the fifties; perfect weather for a cheeseburger, a drink or two, and a couple hundred snowmobile races! 

This year saw one hundred and twenty five racers compete in forty five classes, reaching speeds as high as one hundred and sixty nine miles per hour (two hundred and seventy two kilometers per hour). Congratulations to Chris Baynes for that record, winning one thousand dollars for his success in the Four-Stroke Pro Stock.

It was a slushy ending to a great day, and perhaps to a great winter, so a big thank you is in order to the some eight hundred spectators for keeping the spirit of the sport alive and well up in our gorgeous straight of the northwoods. Next year’s race will be held on March Sixth, so while you’re out this summer landing trophy walleye, boating before the rocky terrain, and enjoying days even warmer than our Crane Lake Challenge of Twenty Twenty, keep in mind the excitement of watching your favorite racers, new sleds, and higher speeds, for the snowmobile season will be back before we know it!

Please enjoy the results and some pictures from this year’s event below, as well as a video shot from the sky.


RESULTS (in mph)

S2 (341cc-500cc):    3rd. Johnny Lundon 92.0     2nd. Mike Swenson 96.7     1st. Shelby Bray 100.7 (162.1km/h)

S3 (501cc-600cc):    5th. Cameron Wier     4th. Jordan Tilander     3rd. Mike Pintar 89.0     2nd. Ali Staniger 89.7     1st. Patty Olson 106.4 (171.2km/h)

S4 (601cc-700cc):    3rd. Austin Cappo 87.3     2nd. Russ Montensen 106.3     1st. Patty Olson 111.3 (179.1km/h)

S5(701cc-800cc):     3rd. Brian Barker 97.0     2nd. Aurora Wier 98.1     1st. Shelby Bray 113.7 (183.0km/h)

S6(>800cc):              3rd. Jaris Johnson 94.7     2nd. Melody Ward 102.3     1st. Aurora Wier 104.9 (168.8km/h)

4SPS:                       1st. Chris Barnes 169.0 (272.0km/h)

4SST:                        3rd. Aurora Wier 99.0     2nd. Drew Miller 99.5     1st. Jesse Dobersteen 113.8 (183.1km/h)

4SOL:                       3rd. Jacob Lemon 121.2     2nd. Dave Borchert 149.0     1st. Jason Howle 167.5 (269.6km/h)

EXH:                         1st. Travis Pulford 105.5 (169.8km/h)

WC:                           4th. Tyler Stark 63.7      3rd. Nate Swanson 83.2     2nd. Travis Pulford 116.6     1st. James Shea 123.2 (198.3km/h)

LM1:                          1st. Otto (modified one cylinder nitris pig) 44.7 (72.0km/h)

KID340:                     3rd. Cassidy Mohawk 65.0     2nd. Ben Masheemer 66.2     1st. Arik Bibeau 68.7 (110.6km/h)

LR:                            2nd. Shane Pulford 85.7     1st. Don Pulford 88.7 (142.7km/h)

LRO:                         1st.  Paul Karcash 122.6 (197.3km/h)

4SIS:                         2nd. Doyle Swift 138.0     1st. Travis Junkermeir 144.0 (231.7km/h)

4SNT:                        3rd. Tim Ferraro 84.8     2nd. Fred Brunfelt 94.0     1st. Bill Nieters 95.1 (153.1km/h)

NT1(>=500cc):          2nd. Ben Masheimer 72.5     1st. Harvey Otremba 91.9 (148.0km/h)

NT2(<500cc):            3rd. Chad Seegop 91.5     2nd. Jesse Doberstein 98.1     1st. Scott Wherely 99.7 (160.4km/h)

KID120S:                   3rd. Kaylynn Ross 20.4     2nd. Adam Twite 21.7     1st. Kyle Obister 25.9 (41.6km/h)

KID120M:                   2nd. Cameron Wier 16.2     1st. Kaylynn Ross 25.0 (40.3km/h)

4ST:                            2nd. Chuck Salmi 106.2     1st. Mike Langer 117.8 (189.6km/h)

VS1(>=340cc):           3rd. Ben Masheimer 66.3     2nd. Greg Shrender 70.5     1st. Cassidy Mohawk 78.8 (126.8km/h)

VS2(341cc-500cc):     2nd. Hman Racing 73.1     1st. Paige Tomlin 91.5 (147.3km/h)

VS3(501cc-600cc):     2nd. Jordan Tilander 76.0     1st. Mike Bergerson 88.2 (141.9km/h)

VS4(601cc-700cc):      2nd. Robert Northrop 68.6     1st. David Bergerson 84.0 (135.1km/h)

OM1(>=500cc):            1st. Gage Graham 114.5 (184.3km/h)

OM2(501cc-600cc):     2nd. Jack Yost 84.6     1st. Otto 114.4 (184.1km/h)

OM3(601cc-700cc):      2nd. Eric Sundquist Jr. 111.1     1st. Jacob Lemon 132.0 (212.5km/h)

OM4(701cc-800cc):      1st. Cole Glenna 112.9 (181.7km/h)

OM5(801cc-1100cc):     1st. Jake McCann 154.1 (248.0km/h)

OM6(open fuel):             3rd. Gage Graham 140.4     2nd. Mike Graham 153.9     1st. Jack McCann 156.4 (251.6KM/H)

PS1(>=500cc):                3rd. Hman Racing 77.2     2nd. Jeremy Sutliff 86.6     1st. Gage Graham 113.5 (182.7km/h)

PS2(501cc-600cc):         2nd. Cameron Wier 79.4     1st. Matthew Gustafson 82.8 (133.2km/h)

PS3(601cc-700cc):          2nd. Brad Trangstud 122.1     1st. Mark Kirckof 125.4 (201.8km/h)

PS4(701cc-800cc):          3rd. Paul Hinenkamp 124.9     2nd. John Jacklitch III 126.8     1st. Rod Spindler 128.9 (207.4km/h)

PS5(801cc-1000cc):        3rd. Kyle Mohawk 98.4     2nd. Pete McCann 128.1     1st. Tia Van Guilder 129.3 (208.1km/h)

PS6(>1000cc):                 1st. Cole Glenna 122.0 (196.3km/h)

Fan(Studded):                  1st. Hayli Martinson 81.7 (131.5km/h)

IS1(<=340cc):                  1st. Janna Grussendorf 99.3 (159.7km/h)

IS2(341cc-500cc):           3rd. Joe Kittel 100.9     2nd. Patty Olson 108.1     1st. Devin Spindler 110.6 (178.0km/h)

IS3(501cc-600cc):           3rd. Kris Doberstein 112.6     2nd. Mark Jensen 114.1     1st. Sue Trangsrud 118.7 (191.1km/h)

IS4(601cc-700cc):           3rd. Don Pulford 99.0     2nd. Al Doberstein 116.2     1st.  John Jacklitch III 119.6 (192.5km/h)

IS5(701cc-800cc):           3rd. John Jacklitch III 123.7     2nd. Jay Henson 124.4     1st. Harvey O 126.5 (203.6km/h)

IS6(>800cc):                    3rd. Jesse Ridlon 104.8     2nd. Dustin Christopherson 113.1     1st. Melody Ward 136.9 (220.3km/h)

MP3(501cc-600cc):         2nd. Rick Niemi 91.6     1st. Jon Yellowega 101.0 (162.5km/h)

MP4(601cc-700cc):         3rd. Jared Oberton 98.6     2nd. Melody Ward 99.2     1st. Christina Mortenson 99.9 (160.7km/h)

MP5(701cc-800cc):         3rd. Kerry Sersha 107.4     2nd. Peter Winkik 110.8     1st. Harvey O 115.6 (186.1km/h)

MP6(>800cc):                  2nd. Jerry Sutliff 111.6     1st. Dewey Mortenson 111.8 (180.0km/h)




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